Weekend with Squash Tournament

We have enjoyed three nights with a full house, mostly Squash tournament participants,  both players and fans. Two days ago we took a lot of branches of the top of our well known Willow tree. The tree is a so called “Champion” tree here in Massachusetts (size), we were very careful not to ruin the majestic appearance of the tree and we believe we succeeded in that.

On another operational note that enhances our guest service, we are pleased to announce that we have installed Four Cup Coffee makers in all our rooms, they are accompanied by, Regular coffee, Decaf. Tea and of course all the condiments. At the same time we have placed two glasses in addition to the plastic cups, in each room, makes the Chardonnay taste better.

Our summer bookings are very positive indeed with many weekends and special events already filling up. If you are planning to come to Williamstown and stay with us, we recommend that you make your reservations now.

We will, of course post news of what is going on at Maple Terrace here on a regular basis and invite our visitors to participate.

Stay well and in Touch.